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The Kingcamp Brand Was Founded By Mr. Shu Guoking From China. When Mr. Shu In 1993 Trekked Across Europe Where The Freedom And Beauty Of The Outdoors Deeply Infected Him,Then He Desided To Return To His Native Home To Begin The Process Of Building An Outdoor Gear Company Aimed To Make People Access To The Beautiful Outdoors Globally Easy And Affordable Without Compromising Quality Or Performance. KingCamp is not only a brand, but also represents a healthy and advanced lifestyle, guiding people to enjoy the outdoors easily and comfortably. "Family Outdoor" is the brand positioning of KingCamp. "Family Outdoor" is a unique emotional experience. Outdoors should not be limited to the individual's conquest and exploration of nature, and the challenge to self-limits. Go out together, feel and share the joyful experience of outdoor sports, and pass this happy mood to the friends around you. The so-called "family, friendship, love can not be less" The Company Owns Over 20 International And Domestic Patents As Well As ISPO Award For Global Design. The global channel network covers 45 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Born for an outdoor home, KingCamp expects outdoor products to have a family temperature and depth while taking into account the reasonableness of the price. KingCamp is like a loyal and reliable member of your family. It is designed to protect your family's safety and open up a better outdoor life with fashion ideas!